The singer is in the mood of song

The singer is in the mood of song

The mood of a song can be described in many ways. A song can be described as happy, sad, hopeful, lively, dark, epic, intense, and many more. You can also use Robert Thayer’s music mood classification if you want to get more granular.

Robert Thayer’s traditional model of mood

Robert Thayer, a mood researcher, and psychologist suggests that mood is kind of like a spectrum. He categorizes moods by where they lie on this scale going from energy and stress, from happy to sad and calm to energetic, respectively.

Although mood can be linear, it is not always so. Someone can feel the mood at one time or another, but the mood does not necessarily stay there for the whole mood of a song.

Generally speaking, faster tempos are connected with songs that have high energy while slower tempos, on the other hand, are associated with songs that have lower energy. Often loud or intense songs reflect anger, while softer ones suggest tenderness, sadness, or fear. Higher pitches indicate a more upbeat wtfskins affiliate code, carefree, and light mood within a song, while lower pitches indicate a darker, more serious, and dark mood. 

In music, harmonics create a tonal component that is a good indicator of mood which is called timbre. An Indian group of researchers has found that “timbre stimulates human energy levels without regard to rhythmic or harmonic saturation. Sound sources that have simple harmonic profiles have darker timbres and tend to soothe human emotions” – BNM Institute of Technology in Bangalore, India.

By analyzing the measurable elements of a song like its rhythm, tempo, loudness or softness, pitch, harmony, and timbre, it can be possible to categorize songs based on the expected mood for each style.

What are other examples of music moods?

A mood is the feeling that you feel when you listen to music. It isn’t always about what mood it makes you think of, but what mood it actually puts you in. Many songs have moods ranging from happy to sad and lonely to hopeful.

Lonely – The mood lonely describes a song with a sense of isolation or loneliness, and you can feel this, in a sense that, if a song instantly affects you, it makes you feel lonely and isolated BUFF.


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